What parts of learning as a couple did you enjoy most?

Buying a sailboat is a big commitment, so seeing each other excited and invested in the dream helped quell any doubts about if we were ready!

What’s different about learning as a couple compared to learning individually?

Having each other on board really drove us to learn the most from the experience. For Reece, having me on board was a comfort that allowed him to go out on a limb and ask what he thought might be a silly question. For me, having Reece on board was a competition that drove me to learn and retain as much as possible. I couldn’t let him out score me on the quizzes!

What surprised you about learning with your partner?

How calm and patient we were with each other! Sailing can at times be stressful and we think that taking classes together in a safe environment has had a direct impact on how we’re able to communicate and problem solve every day on our own boat.