ASA 101, 103, 104 Package

ASA Combo Packages: A Premium Education at a Discount!

We love what we do, and there’s nothing more rewarding than taking someone from their first time on the water and helping them develop into an experienced and confident sailor. Experienced is the key word here. That’s what sets Narragansett Sailing apart from other sailing schools.

Our courses give you the opportunity to learn in an up close and personal environment with more time on the water and less time focused on theory. It’s because of our love of sailing that we’ve decided to combine some of our basic courses into one valuable combo package.

This package deal takes you from an introductory course to a point where you become a little more confident and knowledgeable. Each course works well with the other one to build on the lessons you’ve already learned, and to give you a solid foundation for more advanced sailing techniques.

What Our Combo Packages Offer

We offer an ASA 101 / 103 / 104 package price that reduces your total investment by 15% instantly. That means you pay just $3,235 for one or $6,000 for a couple, (15% off of weekend pricing only.) This is for the three separate ASA courses and cannot be combined with any other discounts. Classes need to be scheduled all within the same year.

 You can live aboard one of our boats for $50 a night.

We will cover all the material tested and we’re confident that you’ll do just fine. The textbooks have review questions at the end of most chapters. I encourage you to at least skim the material and the review questions, if you have a chance beforehand (answers are in the back of each book) to get a feel for the material. Exams are all multiple choice. Don’t get anxious, if you tend to, as we will cover ALL the material.

Let’s face it, when it comes to sailing the more the merrier!

The three courses offered take you from your status as a beginner to someone who can confidently navigate the world of sailing. Taking all three of these allows you to keep the information fresh in your mind as you move from one course to another.

This is the best way to pick up on the lessons, and to build on your experience. We pride ourselves in the ability to integrate theory with a hands-on approach. This is what gives us an edge when it comes to teaching, and this is magnified when you commit to our first three courses that are designed to complement one another.

The combo package includes the following:

  • ASA 101 Basic Sailing – This course is taught by an ASA certified instructor who focuses on teaching you the basics. You’ll have the opportunity to work on a 20’ Bristol with a tiller and an outboard engine, or a 30’ Pearson with the steering wheel and an inboard engine. Classes will take place over three days, allowing for 8-hours of instruction each day. The goal is to give you a strong platform from which to learn more advanced techniques.
  • ASA 103 Basic Cruising – This ASA certified course focuses on docking skills, anchoring, reefing, grounding, and dead reckoning navigation. In other words, it takes everything you learned in ASA 101 to the next level of sailing. Taking these courses concurrent with one another eliminates the need to take time to refresh your knowledge of previous materials. This course is taught on a 30’ boat with wheel steering and inboard diesel. Again, it takes place over three 8-hour days, allowing for 24-hours of instruction time.
  • ASA 104 Intermediate Cruising – The focus of this course is to help you comfortably manage the boat over a three-day period. We take you on a liveaboard journey circumnavigating Narragansett Bay that allows you to experience multiple harbors, lots of anchoring, and close quarter maneuvering under power. This helps you to develop a confidence in your sailing abilities that you just can’t get from a textbook or a single course.
  • This package deal is good for a year, take the classes at separate times or within a 9 day time period. We offer the nine day package with a live-aboard option for an extra $300.

Why Take All Three Courses?

As we’ve mentioned, sailing is our obsession and teaching it is something that we’re extremely passionate about. We want you to get the most value for your money, while providing you with a comprehensive curriculum that gives you the strongest possible foundation for a future spent on the water.

We take pride in your ability to walk away from these courses with the confidence that only comes from experience. Taking all three of these courses concurrently allows you to flow from one to the other without losing any information in the interim.

You’re more likely to expound upon your knowledge of sailing if you purchase all three courses together. It’s also a great way to save money. Even if you can’t get to the courses one right after the other, it still keeps you motivated to learn more and to take your love of sailing to the next level.