ASA 101 Basic Sailing

How The Class Is Taught

Lessons take place on either a 20′ Bristol with a tiller and outboard engine or on a Pearson 30’ with wheel steering, inboard diesel engine. Classes have a maximum of three single students or two couples. The class takes place over three 8-hour days for 24-hours of instruction. All classes are taught by ASA certified instructors. Boats will be available after course completion for practice.

Day One – Learn to make the boat GO! (We work on stopping on day 2!)
Greeting, course overview, the five things you need to know… and how to make a boat go. Then out on the water sailing!

On the water:

  • Boat Familiarization: then get out on the water and practice!
  • Wind Direction: The five sailing rules, points of sail
  • Practice Points of Sail: Sailing commands and terminology
  • Tacking and Jibing
  • Finish the Sail and Put the Boat Away

Day Two – Learn to make the boat STOP! Where and when you want it to
Review and student questions, what makes a boat sail, knots, deck safety, hypothermia, and seasickness.

On the water:

  • Review each point of sail plus tacking and jibing
  • Playing with the “No Sail Zone” and keeping the boat moving under control
  • Stopping boat alongside a ‘man overboard’

Day Three – Practice and solo sail (A.K.A., “Look ma! No instructor!”)
Review and student questions. Then charts, anchoring, review of tying a cleat, bowline, clove hitch, and teaching two half hitch. End with testing.

On the water:

  • Managing in confined area… and picking up a mooring
  • Heaving to
  • Picking up an actual mooring in the harbor unassisted
  • Back to class for written test
  • Go sailing out on the bay without an instructor… safely!

ASA 101, 103, & 104 Special Package Pricing

We offer an ASA 101 / 103 / 104 package price that reduces your total investment by 15% instantly. That means you pay just $3,000 for one or $5,000 for a couple. This is for the three separate ASA courses and cannot be combined with any other discounts. Classes need to be scheduled all in the same year.

About The Course:

  • No prerequisites
  • Students will register for three 8-hour days
  • Each class has a maximum of three single students or two couples
  • All classes are taught by ASA certified instructors
  • Boats will be available after course completion for practice
  • $795 on a 20′ boat
  • $795 on a 30’ boat Monday – Thursday
  • $995 on a 30’ boat Friday – Sunday
  • The book is an additional $30

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