ASA 101 Basic Sailing

 How The Class Is Taught

Lessons take place on either a 20′ Bristol with a tiller and outboard engine or on a Pearson 30’ with wheel steering, inboard diesel engine. Classes have a minimum of three and a maximum of four students. The class takes place over three 8-hour days for 24-hours of instruction. All classes are taught by ASA certified instructors. Boats will be available after course completion for practice.

Day One – Learn to make the boat GO! (We work on stopping on day 2!)
Greeting, course overview, the five things you need to know… and how to make a boat go. Then out on the water sailing!

On the water:

  • Boat Familiarization: then get out on the water and practice!
  • Wind Direction: The five sailing rules, points of sail
  • Practice Points of Sail: Sailing commands and terminology
  • Tacking and Jibing
  • Finish the Sail and Put the Boat Away

Day Two – Learn to make the boat STOP! Where and when you want it to
Review and student questions, what makes a boat sail, knots, deck safety, hypothermia, and seasickness.

On the water:

  • Review each point of sail plus tacking and jibing
  • Playing with the “No Sail Zone” and keeping the boat moving under control
  • Stopping boat alongside a ‘man overboard’

Day Three – Practice and solo sail (A.K.A., “Look ma! No instructor!”)
Review and student questions. Then charts, anchoring, review of tying a cleat, bowline, clove hitch, and teaching two half hitch. End with testing.

On the water:

  • Managing in confined area… and picking up a mooring
  • Heaving to
  • Picking up an actual mooring in the harbor unassisted
  • Back to class for written test
  • Go sailing out on the bay without an instructor… safely!

ASA 101, 103, & 104 Special Package Pricing

We offer an ASA 101 / 103 / 104 package price that reduces your total investment by 15% instantly. That means you pay just $3,000 for one or $5,000 for a couple, (based off of weekend pricing only.) This is for the three separate ASA courses and cannot be combined with any other discounts. Classes need to be scheduled all in the same year.

Or, do it as a nine day live-aboard for an extra $300? 

Here is an overview of what to expect on a nine day; The 1st 3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun) will be the 101 course, days 4 and 5 (Mon, Tue) will be 103 course expanding your skills from  101. Day 6 (Wed) will be a solo sail for the students (without an instructor), then days 7 thru 9 (Thu, Fri, Sat) will be with the instructor for the 104 class. We will be finished by 5 pm on the final day. We will discuss more details of the courses Friday morning, and will be out on the water each day. You can live aboard one of our boats for $50 a night.

We will cover all the material tested and we’re confident that you’ll do just fine. The text books have review questions at the end of most chapters. I encourage you to at least skim the material and the review questions, if you have a chance beforehand (answers are in the back of each book) to get a feel for the material. Exams are all multiple choice. Don’t get anxious, if you tend to, as we will cover ALL the material.

About The Course:

  • No prerequisites
  • Students will register for three 8-hour days
  • Each class has a minimum of three students and maximum of four
  • All classes are taught by ASA certified instructors
  • Boats will be available after course completion for practice
  • $795 on a 20′ boat
  • $795 on a 30’ boat Monday – Thursday
  • $995 on a 30’ boat Friday – Sunday
  • The book is an additional $30

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