ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising

Five Days of Sailing to Martha’s Vineyard and Other Islands

This is a serious coastal cruising course where you live on a larger boat. We go out to the Martha’s Vineyard area, Nantucket, Block Island, and back to Narragansett Bay. We will stop at various anchorages along the way, applying the advanced navigation techniques learned in ASA 105, and do an overnight sail with watch-keeping during the night. We will discuss advanced sail trim, weather, boat systems, and advanced navigation techniques.

Unique Experiences With ASA 106

Half the folks that take this course are not interested in the certification… They just want to go sailing with a captain and visit a number of wonderful anchorages at a reasonable price! Folks often take this course more than once as everyone is different. As with any coastal cruising trip, we plan our next day’s journey factoring in the forecast wind and weather… No two trips are the same!

We can add ASA 105 to this course for $395 per person with some class time beforehand to go over the theory and practical applications on the trip.

About The Course:

  • Students will register for a five day trip
  • Priced by the cabin: $2,500 for one and $4,000 for two in a shared cabin
  • Boat expenses are included. Food is extra (about $100)
  • Adding ASA 105 is optional at just $395 per person

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