ASA 114 Cruising Catamarans

We are often asked which is better: a monohull or a catamaran? The answer is neither one is better or worse than the other, they are just different; each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

We understand the differences, and can teach you how to handle a cruising cat both sailing and in managing in a tight marina environment. This course will involve learning close-quarter maneuvering, reefing, man-overboard, sailing a catamaran, managing the boat systems; and a myriad of catamaran specific techniques to help you become familiar with this wonderful cruising platform.

We will offer a three day ASA 114 Cruising Catamaran course

  • May 10/11/12th on 45′ Lagoon – “What If”
  • Aug 5 – 9th Five Day 104/114 on “2018” 40′ Lucia – “In Context”
  • Sept. 7 – 14 Seven Day Flotilla on 44′ Helia – “Torosay”

You can add ASA 104 to the Cruising Catamaran course on the above dates to make it a 104/114 combination course, totaling five days of instruction. The cost is an additional $1,000 for one or $1,500 for two (meaning a total of $2,500 for one person or $4,000 for two).

About The Course:

  • Students may register for 114 alone or a 104/114 combo spanning five days
  • Each class has a minimum of four students and a maximum of five
  • ASA 114: $1,500 for one or $2,500 for two in a double-cabin
  • ASA 104/114: Add $1,000 for one or $1,500 for two
  • Flotilla: $3,000 per person or $4000 for two (shared cabin) with private head

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