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ASA 117: Celestial Navigation Endorsement

Quick Details

Person Celestial Navigation Endorsement • Sat - Mon | 9am - 4pm
Person Basic Celestial Endorsement • Fri - Sun | 9am - 5pm

Take an ASA 117 course in Rhode Island and learn about latitude and longitude at sea!

This basic celestial navigation class teaches the theory and practice behind determining latitude and longitude at sea. During this course you will learn to use the sextant to find your position offshore using a noon site. We will learn how to “shoot” the sun and do the corrections to get the actual sun angle, and then factor in declination to calculate latitude as the sun passes overhead. Next we will learn how to take the time of local noon and figure out your longitude. With that you can cross oceans and navigate by sextant. With the completion of this course you can take ASA 108 offshore class.

About the Course

  • Each class has a minimum of three students