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ASA 118: Single-Handed & Advanced Docking

Quick Details

Single-Handed Docking
Student Wed • Price per person
Student Sat • Price per person
Advanced Docking
Student Wed • Price per person
Student Sat • Price per person

Take an ASA 118 course in Rhode Island and learn the basic and advanced docking techniques!

This course teaches what to do when conditions are challenging. Get good with that, and a normal docking is easy! Docking is a very logical and straightforward activity and is VERY teachable. It is simply a matter of understanding the forces acting on the boat. Give us one day, and you will improve your skills many fold. We get heavy into the forces affecting a sailboat under power both while moving and stationary.

ASA 118: Single-Handed Docking

And you say to yourself is this even possible?? Yes it is. Not all the time and in any wind condition, but in most cases one person can do it with the right skills. This course assumes you have the skills to smoothly slide the boat alongside a dock, and we will show you what to do next all by your lonesome!

ASA 118: Advanced Docking

We review the basic docking techniques briefly, and then get into the advanced stuff like backing up a boat under power, a host of ways to use lines to keep the boat under control no matter what the wind is doing, and stopping a boat in the middle of a marina environment and maintaining control. Done with a 30′ sailboat with inboard diesel engine

About the Course

  • Each class has a minimum of three students