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Annual Instructor Clinic: April 17– April 21st, 2023

Instructor Evaluator: Glenn Miner

Address of the Instructor Qualification Clinic: 101 Narragansett Ave, Barrington, RI 02806

Contact person: Mary Goff

Contact e-mail: [email protected]

Contact Telephone Number: 401-575-0964

Certified ASA Sailing Instructors have demonstrated that they have excellent sailing skills and possess the ability to teach others. If you have the experience, now you can obtain the credentials to teach ASA 101/103/104/105 (the certifications required to instruct are 201, 203, 204 and 205).

If you are interested in becoming a sailing instructor, we strongly encourage you to watch this short video about what to expect: (previously this was an ASA requirement prior to signing up for the instructor clinic). The video states that most candidates will be prepared for the 201 certification with 5-10 hours of preparation/review. Any additional certifications will require additional review. Please become familiar with the respective textbook(s).

You will need to have ASA 101 certification prior to taking the instructor level. We can help you with that if you do not have it.

You’re welcome to take just the 201 or all of them.

  • Instructor Membership $79
  • April 17 – 18th  201 – $450
  • April 19th  203 – $325
  • April 20th  204- $325
  • April 21st    205 – $325

Narragansett Sailing School does need instructors for all levels, though we do not guarantee employment for clients that complete our instructor clinic. We really look for people that not only have the skills, but also those that know how to communicate and teach well. This all becomes evident during the clinic. The good thing is, you’ll get certified for less money than if you were to take the classes. The folks that impress us, we invite to be instructors. We also require you to have a Captain’s license and to be CPR/First Aid certified.

By qualifying to the ASA Instructor Standards you obtain internationally recognized credentials. These credentials document your experience and level of proficiency- from Basic Keelboat Sailing to Offshore Passage making- and assist you in commanding the respect you have earned.


• Enhancing your career development potential as a professional.
• Qualified to teach and certify students to uniform national standards which are internationally recognized.
• Playing an important role in improving the quality and extent of educational opportunities for the recreational sailor.
• A member of a professional organization which provides you with teaching materials and services, a centralized national certification authority, continuing education programs for ASA Instructors, member discounts on useful products and services, and a wide variety of other benefits.
• Recognized internationally as a leader in sailing education.

You may enroll in an IQC if you have the ambition to be a true sailing professional and:

• Are 18 years of age or older
• Possess at least 3 years of sailing experience
• Have teaching experience or can demonstrate an aptitude for clearly communicating sailing to the novice and advanced sailor
• Are capable of performing to the Standards as stated in the ASA International Sailing Log Book

Questions? Interested in becoming a sailing instructor? Reach out to Mary directly at 401-575-0964 or by email at [email protected].