How to Challenge an ASA Course

How It Works

ASA has a set of ‘standards’ for each course that should be met. When someone can show a school they possess the skill and knowledge to meet the standards of a course, they can be awarded the certification without taking the course itself.

This is accomplished by achieving a passing score on the written test, and then going sailing with one of our instructors to demonstrate the required sailing skills.

A typical challenge takes about four hours and costs only $250.

Get ASA 101, 103 & 104 Certified

We get many requests each season from experienced sailors who need bareboat certification to charter, or who need a European Captain Certificate to charter in Greece or Croatia. We can take care of that for you! Come and challenge ASA 101 (Basic Sailing) , ASA 103 (Basic Cruising), and ASA 104 (Intermediate Cruising) in one go. It can be done in one intensive day or more slowly over two days. The cost is $750 for the three courses plus ASA membership.

Start Slow With ASA 101 Alone

Now what if you have some skill but are not sure where you stand? Then you can sign you for an ASA 101 Challenge and see how it goes. We’ll give you the written test, then ask you to do the various sailing pieces of 101 (like tack, jibe, sail a triangular course, do a man-overboard procedure, heave-to, and pick up a mooring under sail).

In this scenario, we assume a little instruction will be appropriate and give an hour’s instruction as part of a challenge. For what it is worth, we have not had a single challenge yet that has not needed some fine tuning and instruction! Everyone can always improve.

If you do well, you have passed that part. If you are close but need a bit more instruction, we can work with you to schedule a private lesson. If it is clear you should take the full course, we credit half of the challenge tuition towards the course itself. Our goal is to produce a competent sailor.

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