Cruising Trips

Custom Cruising Experiences For Rigorous Learning

All of our Cruising Experiences consist of a significant sailing trip where you will be exposed to many challenges under the leadership of a senior ASA captain/instructor. They each will have a night sailing portion and will cover advanced cruising topics such as sail trim for cruisers, weather, advanced navigation, chart-plotter use and so on.

All these trips are priced for $2,000 for one or $3,500 for two sharing a cabin.

Certifications (Optional)
Advanced Cruising certification or Cruising Catamaran certification are optional at additional cost of $500.

Martha’s Vineyard Trip
2018 Dates:
● May 7 – May 11th
● June 25 – June 29th
● July 30 – August 3rd

We take five days and take a serious trip out to Martha’s Vineyard and the islands. We go into a number of different harbors, practicing piloting and advanced navigation, do an overnight passage with watch keeping, and cover subjects like sail trim, weather and dinghy management. We get into chart-plotter usage and radar.

These experiences are priced at $2,000 for a single and $3,500 for two sharing a cabin.

Martha’s Vineyard Experience
September 8 – 15, 2018

Flotilla, a 7-day trip out to Martha’s Vineyard and the islands:
A flotilla is a group of charter boats that travel a shared itinerary. Our flotilla is led by an expert who knows the local waters well. You can either captain one of our charter boats or rent a cabin with one of our captains on either a Catamaran or a monohull. Learn more about this trip here.

Other Trips
We are planning a trip to Maine in late July and a trip to Chesapeake in late September 2018. These will be one way trips, starting from Bristol, RI to the final destination.