Diesel Engine Course

This course covers the diesel engine, it is a hands-on course. Since we will be clustered around the motor with tools in hand, we limit the class to five students.

When you arrive you will find a diesel motor completely disassembled with an intact block, and all the other parts arranged on several tables. A diesel has six systems: fuel, raw water, fresh water, air, oil, and electric. If any one of them malfunctions you will be without an engine.

You and your classmates assemble the engine system by system understanding the purpose of each part and the symptoms if a part fails. After we finish assembling the engine, you will KNOW what makes a diesel go, and if it stops what system to go to to get it going again. Then we apply what you learn by going to a boat in the water with a working diesel engine and cause it to fail, so we can get it going again.

This course will not turn you into a diesel mechanic, but it will give you the knowledge to diagnose the normal things (almost always fuel problem or overheating) that cause a diesel to fail, and know if you can fix it or if it is serious enough to call in a mechanic. You will also learn how to winterize your diesel and do the spring commissioning on the motor.

About The Course:

  • Students will register for two 7-hour days
  • Each class has a minimum of three students and a maximum of five
  • $495 per person

Special Package Pricing for Diesel, Boat Systems and Marine Electrical  15% OFF when all three are paid and taken in the same year.

FIVE DAY Diesel/Commissioning/Boat Systems

  • 2 day Diesel class followed by three days of learning hands on boat system’s and how to commission your boat in the spring and decommission in the fall. Preventive maintenance is key to smooth sailing:)
  • Class has a minimum of three students and maximum of four
  • $1000 per person

Offered two times a year:    

  • April 13 – April 17th, 2020 Diesel/Spring commissioning/Boat Systems FULL!
  • April 20 – April 24th, 2020 Diesel/Spring commissioning/Boat Systems
  • October 19 – October 23rd, 2020 Diesel/Fall decommissioning/Boat Systems

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