Sailing: The Natural Activity for Golfers Looking for Something New and Exciting

A Clear Path for Beginners

With the right set of sailing classes under your belt, you can charter a boat anywhere in the world.

How would a chartering company trust you? Because we are an American Sailing Association (ASA) certified school, which means our curriculum is recognized internationally as meeting industry standards of excellence.

For beginners, there are three core sailing classes you need:

  1. ASA 101: Basic Sailing
  2. ASA 103: Basic Cruising
  3. ASA 104: Intermediate Cruising

 You can learn more about taking these classes in a package deal here.

Options for Experienced Sailors

Not your first time behind the helm, Captain? We have classes for you, too.

If you’d like more advanced ASA certified classes, you can consider:

Our Cruising School offers a variety of additional classes that can help you maintain your boat, reduce repair costs, improve your safety on the water, and make you a more well-rounded sailor:

And finally, Private Lessons are always an option for custom-tailored and one-on-one training.