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Boat Systems

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Take this course in Rhode Island and learn how to maintain your boat!

There are dozens of questions you may have about maintaining your boat…

  • What pieces of a head need regular servicing?
  • How does the steering work and how do you adjust the cables?
  • What does a winch look like inside?
  • How do you tune a rig?

This course goes over the basic systems of a boat including the galley systems, mechanical systems, rigging, steering, and the plumbing system. We look at different kinds of pumps the boat uses for different applications.

We have several boats available to look at for this course, so you can understand different approaches to solve different system challenges, as well as various system pieces disassembled to understand their workings.

About the Course

  • Students will register for two 7-hour days
  • Each class has a minimum of three students and a maximum of six