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The Sewing Room

Quick Details

Exterior Cushion Workshop Sat • price per person
Making Fender Covers Sat • price per person
Sewing a Recycled Sail Bag Sat • price per person
Sewing a Winch Cover & a Hatch Cover price per person
Sail Making Worshop price per person

Join our sewing class and sail making workshop in Rhode Island!

Do you want to make your own sails? Repair them yourself? Or become a better sailor? We are offering sail making workshop for 2 days (7 hours per day)

We are also offering our students the chance to learn how to fix/repair/create their own cushions and covers.  Whether you are looking to repair a broken snap, rip in your canvas/vinyl cushions, we have the knowledge and tools to help. You can also custom make fender/ winch/hatch covers and a personalized recycled sail bag!

More Info

Here are some of the students’ comment about their sail making and sewing experience!

“Francois was fantastic.  I really enjoyed listening and working with him.”

“I found the information on the background of sails, positioning, life of sails, materials used etc., extremely useful. Bill O’Brien”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class! It was my favorite so far especially because there wasn’t a quiz at the end. This class was for my personal enrichment as a sailor.”

“Francois was an excellent instructor. He is an expert in the art of sail making. I’m grateful to have an opportunity to learn from him. He was very patient with us though we probably weren’t anywhere up to his standards. I learned a lot about sewing in general. Everything from the layout of material, stitches, sewing machines, fabrics, sewing tools and final finishing touches. I also learned the importance of broad seams in a sail to create the correct form for optimal sailing. I appreciate the theory and background he provided on the topic too.” Diane Worrell  

“I found the sail making class choke full of information. Understanding sail trim, twist, jib car positioning, acquiring dimensions, designing of the sail, broad seaming….. The list goes on. This class will not only make you a better sailor, but you may even become a sail maker”😊 Mary Goff