Private Lessons and Boat Deliveries

Private Lessons

So you have bought a boat and you are concerned with the larger size and complicated systems? The thought of docking a new boat can be intimidating. Plus your partner is uncomfortable with numerous aspects of managing this new vessel. A private lesson will smooth out the wrinkles!

We can do private lessons on your boat or our boat. We will match our best-fit instructor to you based on your specific learning requests and their experiences. The instructor who you will work with you, will contact you before the lesson to define goals and schedule the day and time.

Private Lesson Rates are for 2 people, add $100 for each additional person and no more than four.
Half Day Session: $350
Full Day Session: $600

 Travel time is only $30 per hour.

Boat Deliveries

We routinely deliver boats to Chesapeake Bay and up to Maine. If you have a boat that needs to be delivered from A to B, and have concerns about your skills for that journey; we can make it happen. This is a delivery, not a private lesson. There are several variables that determine price.

$400 for a Single Day Delivery plus expenses (no overnight, captain only)
$500 per day for a Multi-Day Delivery plus expenses (captain and mate)
$600 per day for Instructional Delivery with the Boat Owner (same price for single or multiple days)

Deliveries assume the owner is not on board. This is because as a delivery the captain is focused on getting the boat moved with no instruction. With an owner onboard it is much more labor intensive for the instructor, raising the cost more for a single day. On a multi-day charter the owner would be the mate.

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