Sailing for Women

Hello and Welcome to the All-Women’s Sailing Program at Narragansett Sailing School!

Our women’s sailing program is exclusively for women, by women. While many sailing schools have a women’s program with a man teaching the course, there is a special thing that happens when you have a lady instructor instead. Comfort zones enlarge, questions flow more readily, and a stress-free environment is created.

Since 2010, we’ve invited women to take sailing lessons in an All-Women environment. We know from experience that women tend to approach learning around boats in a different way. Being among ourselves sometimes helps us feel more comfortable. Being an ASA-certified school with a number of female instructors, we have the infrastructure and experience to support learning in a way “that fits.” With five lady instructors we have the largest group of women sailing mentors in the northeast. (And did you know Narragansett Sailing School is owned by a woman as well?)

Whether you’d like to simply get into sailing or prepare to go cruising, we can offer a path to not only build and improve your skills, but also your confidence. Whether your goal is to become a competent First Mate or to captain your own yacht, we can get you there. Give us a call – we are looking forward to coaching you along your own unique path!

At the Narragansett Sailing School, we offer a variety of cruising oriented sailing activities for ladies to savor. We train folks for coastal cruising, and make a variety of boats available to hone those skills. Ask us about the classes today!

Women-Only Classes

Being an ASA-certified school with a number of female instructors, we have the infrastructure and experience to support that learning in a way “that fits”. Here is what we offer:

ASA Certification Courses 101 through 106

We are the only school in the Northeast and quite far down the coast to offer 101, 103 and 104 in an All-Women format with female instructors.

All-Women Sailing trips

How about going off for a day or a weekend just for fun in an all women environment with one of our instructors? We offer a multi-day flotilla where you can either rent a boat or a berth and go off with kindred spirits on a sailing adventure.

Private Lessons

If you prefer one-on-one attention for any reason or to improve certain skills, we can offer private lessons with a female instructor. We can provide one of the school boats, or teach you on your own.

Diesel Engine Course

We offer our standard Diesel Engine course in an All-Women’s format. No prerequisite. Our lady mechanics will demystify this rattling and noisy thing that makes your boat go… or not.


Docking a sailboat is actually pretty straight-forward, and a very teachable skill. Give us one day and we will have you maneuvering the boat in a marina under power and sliding up to a dock with confidence…really!

Women’s Program Instructors

We are blessed with four lady instructors who LOVE sailing, and have the skills to match the passion!

Mary Goff

Captain & Owner of Narragansett Sailing School
Captain Mary now owns the Sailing School. She schedules classes and manages the Instructor team. Beyond administration, Mary is a certified ASA instructor and USCG captain as well! She started sailing as a young adult on an Islander 36 with her husband. When she started with Narragansett Sailing in 2015, she got serious about sailing and has so much to share!

Certified to teach ASA 101, 103, 104, 105, 118 Docking


Regina Krieger

Captain Regina learned to sail in Europe, but has expanded her sailing resume to include coastal sailing on both the east and west coast of the US. Beyond that she’s sailed and raced thousands of offshore miles which include the Southern Ocean as well as the 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart race..                 

 Certified to teach ASA 101, 103, 104, 105, 106, 118 Docking, 119 Marine Weather, and Diesel



 Thelma Brooks

Currently sails with her family out of Warwick Rhode Island, cruising Narragansett Bay and Buzzards Bay on their 35’ Bristol. In the summer of 2007, she fell in love with sailing when the wind filled the sails on her cousin’s sailboat while passing the tall ships in Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia. Soon after, she and her husband were given their first sailboat, a Catalina 22’, and her sailing career began. She enjoys all aspects of sailboat ownership and is always adding to her ever growing knowledge base. Thelma is excited to share the thrill of sailing with others.

Certified to teach ASA 101, 103, 104, and 105.

I took the all Women’s diesel course in January of 2017. The sailing school could not have been a better experience. Worth every penny and then some! As a professional mariner in the commercial tourism industry, that course has helped me tremendously. I took the course because I didn’t feel like I was getting enough hands on at work and as I moved up to a captains position, I was being given responsibilities that my knowledge wasn’t quite up to par with. I now have 5 seasons under my belt being the head captain of a single hand cruising boat and a 105 ft schooner. I use my skills from this class daily and it has given me the confidence to diagnose problems and winterize systems by myself. I’m looking forward to my electrical course with Narragansett Sailing school next month!

Amber R.

December 2019

We came away from the diesel engine class with a solid foundation of how the engine works, and how certain tools are used, like the torque wrench. I have not stopped telling friends how we spent the weekend. Being able to take this class in an all female environment attracted me to the class in the first place. I did not know if I was paying too much or not for the class, but in my mind after the fact, it was worth every penny. Thank you, Mary. Regina was a superb instructor and the book and handouts will be a great resource.

Theresa M.

March 24, 2019

I completed your ASA Sailing 101 class with Regina Krieger the weekend of July 16-19. I am writing to let you know that it was a terrific experience. Being slightly uncomfortable with my minimal sailing knowledge, I was put at ease right from the start because the class was made up entirely of women, including the instructor. The instructor, Regina, was pleasant and knowledgeable. Her easy going nature allowed for learning to happen purposefully but naturally.

I found I was speaking the language of sailing and carrying out the actions very quickly, even on the first day. The location of the school is second to none with views of the Bristol bay, Herreshoff Museum, Blithewold Mansion and the Mt Hope Bridge. The boats moored and sailing in the bay were a sight to see as well. I cannot think of a better way to spend a long weekend in Rhode Island. I was able to easily shoot over to Newport or Providence in the evenings for dinner and nightlife, as well. We had beautiful weather that weekend. Each day was a perfect Rhode Island summer day, hot with light steady winds. Finally, I was impressed with the fleet of boats available for training. The 20 foot Bristol was a perfect size and style for learning. The boat was big enough to hold four people but non-threatening enough for a very green sailor to gain control of. I am eager to take the next class to gain experience on the larger boats too. Thanks so much for a great time and great learning.

Wendy Mackie

August 4, 2010

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