Bill Kilbey is a Narragansett Sailing School alumnus. We asked him about his experience sailing as someone fairly new to it!

Bill Kilbey

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When did you first start thinking about taking up sailing? What drove this idea in you?

Two years ago. YouTube sailing channels.


What brought you to Narragansett Sailing School?

My son lives in Bristol, Rhode Island so I looked around the area. NSS had the best reviews so I signed up and got started.


What class did you take with us and why did you pick that class?

ASA 101 (Basic Sailing), 103 (Basic Cruising), 104 (Intermediate Cruising), and 114 (Cruising Catamarans) together because it was convenient. (A Note from NSS: You can take 101, 103, and 104 in a package. Talk to us if you want to add onto this as well.)

The instructors were great. I needed the classes to Captain my new catamaran in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).


Did you have any sailing experience before taking classes with us?


The experience and confidence I gained in those eight days has changed my life

If you could say anything to someone getting ready to sail for the first time, what would you tell them?

It doesn’t matter what your age or background, just take a sail and feel the freedom and pure enjoyment of being on the water with wind moving you along. The experience will change your life.


Tell us about yourself! Did you come to the school as a young couple with kids looking for new adventure? Empty nesters? Sailing solo? New to the area? Retired and want a new hobby for yourself?

I was a submarine sailor long ago. Living near the ocean and traveling beneath it intrigued me and I have always had a desire to learn more about it. Power boating is fun but a completely different experience. I wanted a challenging hobby that forces you to participate and enjoy the outdoors.

I purchased a 50 foot catamaran for a charter business in the British Virgin islands. Ron, a great guy and very experienced sailing instructor from NSS, came to the BVI to do my last two certifications. The experience and confidence I gained in those eight days has changed my life.


Outside of sailing, what is something that you love to do; something that makes you feel alive?

Traveling the world.

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Back to the NSS team! We love hearing from our students. They come from all walks of lives, from those who were on boats as long as they could remember, to those who never set foot on a dock. We hope hearing directly from them inspired you, too.

If you want to join a class, why not consider Chris’ recommendation and check out ASA 104: Intermediate Cruising. In this class, it’s most of our students’ first time living aboard a boat for three days. Not only is it an immersive experience, but it’s a ton of fun whether you’re joining as a couple or solo! Go ahead and see for yourself.