Robert Jackson is one of our former students. We asked him to answer a few questions about his experience with our sailing classes!

Robert Jackson

* * *

When did you first start thinking about taking up sailing? What drove this idea in you?

I was in college, very stressed. I went to the Florida Keys on vacation during this time, and with my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) we went on a sunset sail. Once they killed the engines, and all you heard were the waves hitting the hull, and you could feel the boat moving through the water seemingly effortlessly, I felt a peace come over me that I’ll never forget.


What brought you to Narragansett Sailing School?

Rob Lawnsby was involved when I purchased my first boat, and he was a critical source of wisdom for any work performed on the boat. I got busy and neglected the boat in the coming years, but Rob restarted the restoration and used that boat to start Narragansett Sailing. I continued to learn a lot from Rob, both as a friend, and as a student of the school.


What class did you take with us and why did you pick that class?

Boat Systems – I wanted to learn more about the inner workings of the boat overall. ASA 106 – I needed to build more confidence for longer distance sailing, and further hone my skills for both sailing and navigation.

If you could say anything to someone getting ready to sail for the first time, what would you tell them?

Heeling is normal, and as the boat heels, you will feel a healing within yourself. Don’t be afraid to trust the engineering of the boat.


Outside of sailing, what is something that you love to do; something that makes you feel alive?

Playing with my dog, and spending time with the kids. Probably in that order 🙂

* * *

Back to the NSS team! We love hearing from our students. They come from all walks of lives, from those who were on boats as long as they could remember, to those who never set foot on a dock. We hope hearing directly from them inspired you, too.

If you want to join a class, why not follow Robert’s path and check out ASA 106: Advanced Coastal Cruising. We go out to the Martha’s Vineyard area, Nantucket, Block Island, and back to Narragansett Bay, stopping at various anchorages along the way. It’s the perfect way to apply ASA 105 lessons again.