The Cruising/Boating School

Programs Offered

What is Cruising?

Cruising means different things to different people. To some it is whenever to stretch your sailing area, like sailing for a week or two and going to a new area that can’t be reached in the normal weekend sail. To others it is taking several months to a year and heading off down the coast to the Bahamas or the Caribbean to then return home. And to a few it is taking off for parts unknown with an indefinite timetable. Lucky them!

The mission of The Cruising School is to take a competent sailor and give them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to go cruising; however they define it!

The American Sailing Association and the US Sailing programs both do a fine job of teaching people to sail and navigate around their local area. When someone gets the itch to go farther, then self-sufficiency and sailing savvy becomes a larger factor as well as being able to roll with the interesting challenges that invariably will come your way.

Our Cruising School offers a variety of advanced courses to take someone who is comfortable sailing around the bay and give them the skills, knowledge, and confidence to go further and embrace cruising to interesting places away from home waters.

The Cruising School consists of advanced courses on topics like diesel engines, sailboat systems, marine electrical, dealing with heavy weather and more. It also consists of cruising adventures where we take off for a week or more exploring Martha’s Vineyard, and beyond.