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Sail Making Workshop

Fast Sailmaker 28 Cottage Street East Weymouth, MA 02189

Instructor: Francois Asselin

Do you want to make your own sails? Repair them yourself? Or become a better sailor?

In this course, you will learn how to design and make a headsail and a mainsail. This is a hands-on class. During this two-day class you and your classmates will layout, cut, and assemble a custom sail. Even if you don’t aspire to make your own sails, the hands-on experience and learning will give you the basic skills you need to repair your sails. Plus, by gaining an understanding of how shape is imparted into a sail, you’ll gain a greater comprehension of how to shape and trim your sails as a sailor.

Day one

  • sailmaking overview
  • sewing machine basic operation
  • sail design
  • fabric selection
  • sail layout on the floor
  • cutting and broadseaming panels
  • fabricating and installing batten pockets


Day two

  • cut and install patches
  • assembling and stitching panels
  • cutting the panel assembly
  • installing tabling and boltrope
  • installing cleats, rings, and headboard


We just had one and it was fabulous; Here are some of the students comments:

Francois was fantastic.  I really enjoyed listening and working with him.  

I found the information on the background of sails, positioning, life of sails, materials used etc., extremely useful. Bill O’Brien 

I thoroughly enjoyed the class! It was my favorite so far especially because there wasn’t a quiz at the end. This class was for my personal enrichment as a sailor.  

Francois was an excellent instructor. He is an expert in the art of sail making. I’m grateful to have an opportunity to learn from him. He was very patient with us though we probably weren’t anywhere up to his standards. I learned a lot about sewing in general. Everything from the layout of material, stitches, sewing machines, fabrics, sewing tools and final finishing touches. I also learned the importance of broad seams in a sail to create the correct form for optimal sailing. I appreciate the theory and background he provided on the topic too. Diane Worrell  

I found the sail making class choke full of information. Understanding sail trim, twist, jib car positioning, acquiring dimensions, designing of the sail, broad seaming….. The list goes on. This class will not only make you a better sailor, but you may even become a sail maker😊 Mary Goff  

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 Our Sewing Room

We are offering our students the chance to learn how to fix/repair/create their own cushions and covers.  Whether you are looking to repair a broken snap, rip in your canvas/vinyl cushions, we have the knowledge and tools to help. You can also custom make fender/ winch/hatch covers and a personalized recycled sail bag! The cost per class is $125 which includes three hours of instruction and materials.

Repair and Fix vinyl / canvas Workshop

You’ll learn to identify weak spots that need reinforcement. We’ll show you how to fix many different rips/tears. Learn to fix a zipper. And to know when it’s time to retire it, for a new one. Demonstration of the above will be done and then you’ll do your own fictious fixes, so you’ll be confident to take care of your own.

Cushion Workshop

Make yourself an exterior vinyl boat cushion!

We’ll give you an overview of the machine usage, thread, foam, tools used, and we’ll give you templates to use.

You choose the color, and we’ll walk you through the steps of making your very own cushion.

Upon completion, you take your cushion to your boat and have some nice added support to your back or bottom :)

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Fender Covers

During this course you will learn to measure, cut, and assemble custom fender covers. Not only do fender covers protect the paint on your hull and shield fenders from UV rays, they add to the character and charm to your vessel.  While making your own covers can be cost effective,  it is also an opportunity to tap into your creative side. This course is beginner friendly, so no sewing experience is necessary!  This course, along with our custom winch and hatch cover course, is a great way to get a taste for other more advanced sewing projects. Fender covers also make great gifts! 

Once you sign up, we’ll assist you in selecting the color (black, brown, grey, and navy) and quantity of fabric you’ll need. We will have everything ready and waiting for you once you arrive for your class.

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Winch Covers

As we know, winches are a highly valuable and a complex mechanical gear. It only makes sense to protect them from the elements when not in use. 

During this course you will learn to measure, cut and assemble custom winch and hatch covers. Our instructor will be with you ever step of the way to make your very own winch covers.

We will be using an industry leading fabric called Sunbrella. This material is UV/element resistant and will stand the test of time. If we don’t have the color you want, we will order it. This course is beginner friendly, so no sewing experience is required!

This course, along with our custom fender course, are a great way to get a taste for other more advanced sewing projects. They also made perfect gifts for your favorite sailor! 

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Recycled Sail Bags

From grocery bags to weekend getaway bags, there is an endless need for everyday tote bags, so why not create your own zippered, customized, weather resistant bag made from sails! It’s no secret these type of bags sell for a pretty penny at boutique shops.  After all, they are a made from superior materials,  hand crafted and are extremely durable, but now you have the opportunity to learn, design and create your very own custom recycled sail bag!

This beginner/intermediate course will go over the basics and improve upon you sewing abilities. Once you conquer this traditional tote style, you will be able to venture on to creating different sizes and styles.

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During these course we will cover:

  • Sewing terminology
  • Basic sewing techniques
  • Sizing and cutting fabrics

 About The Course:

  • Students will register for a half day, 3 hr. course
  • Price is $125 for 3 hours of instruction and material (fender/winch/hatch/exterior cushion classes only)
  • Sewing machine and instruction is provided



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