Travel Planning

Plan Your Journey

At The School

People learn best with hands-on experience, rather than in classroom lectures. So while we may begin in the classroom and revisit it, you spend plenty of time on the water.

Please make sure you review the below lists to make sure you arrive with all recommended supplies. We want to make sure you are fully prepared and comfortable.

What To Wear

  • Shoes: Running shoes are often best as you want footwear that is non-slip, non-marking and closed-toe
  • Clothes: Comfortable t-shirts and shorts and a rain jacket (helpful in windy, rainy days). Lightweight long shirts and pants are also a good option and can protect you from the sun. Remember, it gets much cooler on the water than on land, so wear layers.
  • Jewelry: Best to avoid jewelry, particularly if it hangs off you, such as necklaces or bracelets
  • Headwear: You may wear a hat, but be prepared for winds that may take it away from you. Hats and sunglasses should have a strap to be safe. If you have long hair, please tie it back. It will be windy on the water
  • November – April Students: Through the winter months it gets particularly cold, so please take extra layers, wear long pants rather than shorts, and consider a sweater and jackets to keep warm.
  • Sailing Gloves: These are optional, but you may opt to wear sailing gloves. They are fingerless, similar to weight lifting gloves.

What Else?

  • Sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher is recommended
  • Sea Sickness Medication such as Bonine or Dramamine
  • Lip Balm
  • If you are an ASA Student or Member, remember your Logbook

On Your Way To The School

Our school is located in Barrington, Rhode Island on the beautiful Narragansett Bay. You have a number of accommodations along the coast near the school, in the city of Providence, or even in world-renowned historic area of Newport, RI, home of the World Cup Races.

When you arrive, you can meet us in the classroom in the tan house on the left as you approach the docks. Walk down the gravel path and step in. We are on the first floor.

If you are traveling in and need to consider accommodations, here are our recommendations:

Where To Stay

What To Bookmark

What To Do

  • Visit the Mansions in Newport
  • Eat on Federal Hill, Providence’s Italian District
  • Take a Taste of Sailing Trip and Sail Along Narragansett Bay

Options For Traveling In

  • Providence’s T.F. Greene Airport is only 20-minutes from the school
  • Boston’s Logan Airport has many flight options at an extra hour away
  • Amtrak offers many options throughout the East Coast

“The area is beautiful and only 15 minute drive to Bristol and 15 minutes to Providence. The seafood is very good and the options of restaurants are many. My daughter loved the running and bicycle trail within walking distance of the marina. She ran every day on it.”

Alumni Family Hanan, Jay & Kathy

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