Save 10% on ASA 101 & ASA 103 and kickstart your journey of becoming a sailor today.


Celebrate summer by enjoying the warm sun, cool ocean breeze, and fulfillment of learning an interesting new skill

Sailing is a unique sport/hobby with a surprisingly large and unsurprisingly dedicated community. If you’re seeking something new to try, starting with ASA 101 and ASA 103 sailing classes will provide the foundation you need to captain a boat!

ASA 101 Basic Sailing is three 8-hour days, including classroom time to learn terminology, techniques, and basic awareness of being on the boat. Each day you will be on the boat – and you will be behind the wheel/tiller!

ASA 103 Basic Cruising brings you three additional eight-hour days. This class dives deeper into docking, anchoring, and navigating on the water. You have classroom time to talk through concepts, but again spend most of your time on the water practicing.

Each class is small, with three or four students. This allows you to watch and learn while having plenty of hands-on time as well, all with an expert instructor watching over to make sure things go smoothly.

Love the ocean?  Intrigued by the idea of sailing? Now’s your chance. Learn more about the two classes through the videos below.

Couple Sailing Class Valentine's Promotion

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Have a small group? Pick Your Own Date!

If you have two or three others who want to join you but can’t find a class available, we may be able to schedule a course just for your group. Reach out to Mary by email at or call 401-575-0964.

Hotel?... Stay On A Boat Overnight!

Are you looking for the perfect place to spend your nights during the classes? Add on to your adventure and relaxation by staying on one of our boats overnight! For students, we offer this for just $50 per night.